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Company Profile
Based in Jaipur (Rajasthan, India), our firm, Ace Incorporation, is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of weighing scales. As an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company, we have set varied records for ourselves by offering CT Diamond Weighing Scales, Elevator Balance Weight, KCC Kitchen Weighing Scales, Electronic Luggage Hanging Weighing Scales, Manual Baby Weighing Scales CHS-25, Spring Balance Weighing Scales, Table Top Scale, etc. Keeping in mind industry defined norms, our products are smartly made in sync with the national norms. Our weighing scales are well praised for their accurate results, low maintenance cost and energy efficiency. Moreover, we are dominating the market due to our after sales support, clarity in deals and widely expanded shipment network. 

Business Specifications:-

Business Type

Manufacturer and Supplier

Year of Establishment


Legal Status of The Firm

Proprietorship Firm





Central Sales Tax No.




Value Added Tax Registration No.


Shipment Modes

By Sea and By Road

Infrastructural Location


Size of Premise

8000 Sq. ft.

Export Percentage


Annual Turnover

INR 5 Crore

Production Type


OEM Facility


No. of Production Cell


Warehousing Facility


Product Range:-
  • Jewelry Digital Weighing Scales
    • Gold Jewelry Weighing Scale
    • Diamond & Gold Jewelry Weighing Scale
    • KB Jewelry Weighing Scale
    • Gold D Jewelry Weighing Scale
    • Gold Scale Weighing Scale AJ
    • PS Electronic Weighing Scale
    • Electronic Jewelry Weighing Scale
    • CT Diamond Weighing Scales
    • GM Jewelry Pocket Weighing Scales
    • Gold KS Jewelry Weighing Scale
  • Jewelry Weighing Pocket Scales
    • DS Jewelry Pocket Weighing Scales
    • TP Jewelry Pocket Weighing Scales
    • LT Jewelry Pocket Weighing Scales
    • PL Jewelry Pocket Weighing Scales
    • MH Jewelry Pocket Weighing Scales
    • GM Jewelry Pocket Weighing Scales
    • Pug Pocket Weighing Scales
    • CT Diamond Weighing Scales
    • DV Jewelry Pocket Weighing Scales
  • Weighing Scales
    • Bench Model Weighing Scale
    • Table Top Regular S.S Body Weighing Scale
    • Mini S.S Body Weighing Scale
    • Heavy Platform S.S Body Weighing Scale
    • Heavy Checker M.S. Body Weighing Scale
    • Mechanical Weighing Scale
  • Personal Bathroom Weighing Scale
    • BS - 9701 Manual Bathroom Weighing Scale
    • BS - 972 Manual Personal Bathroom Weighing Machine
    • BS - 945 Manual Bathroom Weighing Scales
    • BS - 936 Manual Bathroom Weighing Scales
    • BS - 918 Manual Bathroom Body Weight Weighing Scale
    • BR - 9201 Personal Analog Bathroom Mechanical Weighing Scale
    • BS - 927 Manual Bathroom Weighing Scale
    • BS - 981 Mechanical Analog Type Bathroom Weighing Scale
  • Electronic Digital Bathroom Weighing Scales
    • EPS - 2003 Electronic Digital Bathroom Weighing Scale
    • Back Light Function EPS - 6399 Weighing Scales
    • EPS - 5499 Electronic Digital Bathroom Weighing Scales
    • EPS-1899 Bathroom Weighing Scales
    • Personal Digital Solar Weighing Scales
    • EPS - 4599 Stainless Steel Personal Weighing Scales
    • EPS-8199 Bathroom Weighing Scales
    • Personal Digital Weight Machine Weighing Scale EPS-1898
    • Electronic Bathroom Weighing Scales EPS-3799
  • Load Cells
    • Load Cells 901
    • Load Cells 942
    • Load Cells 946
    • Load Cell 950
    • Load Cell 909
    • Load Cell 919
    • Load Cell 902
  • Calibration Precision Weights
    • Calibration Weights
    • Calibration Weight (100kg)
    • Calibration Weight (200KG)
    • Calibration Weight (500kg)
    • Calibration Weight (1000kg)
  • Cast Iron Casting
    • Cast Iron Wheel
    • Elevator Balance Weight
    • Dumbbell & Barbell Plates
    • Jaw Plates
  • Metric Weights
    • Cast Iron Testing Weights
    • 20 Kg Test Weights/ Cast Iron Weights/ Standard Weight
    • Metric Weight Casting
    • Cast Iron Balance Weight Unit
  • Kitchen Weighing Scales
    • G-9 Kitchen Weighing Scales
    • KCC Kitchen Weighing Scales
    • KCE Kitchen Weighing Scales
    • KSM Kitchen Weighing Scales
  • Hanging Weighing Scales
    • PK Hanging Weighing Scale
    • CHS Hanging Weighing Scales
    • CHS (A) Hanson Type Hanging Weighing Scale
    • PK (A) Tubular Weighing Scale
  • Counter Scale & Weights
    • Mechanical Counter Weighing Scales
    • Cast Iron Weights
    • Brass Plated Weights
    • Stainless Steel Weights
  • Electronic Hanging Weighing Scales
    • HS-5 Electronic Hanging Weighing Scales
    • Electronic Hanging Weighing Scales
    • Electronic Luggage Hanging Weighing Scales
  • Electronic Kitchen Weighing Scales
    • FKS Electronic Kitchen Weighing Scales
    • KD Electronic Kitchen Weighing Scales
  • Venus Hanging Manual Baby Weighing Scales
    • Manual Baby Weighing Scales CHS-25
    • Venus Tabular Hanging Baby Weighing Scale
  • Electronic Digital Baby Weight Weighing Scales 30 kg
    • 30 kg Digital Electronic Baby Weight Machine Weighing Scale
  • Gas Safe Products
    • Gas Safe
  • Electronic Digital Parcel Weighing Scales
    • Parcel Scales
  • Stainless Steel Milk Measures
    • Stainless Steel Milk Measurements
  • Venus Personal Bathroom Weighing Scale
    • Venus Personal Weighing Scales
  • Venus Digital Personal Weighing Scale
    • Solar Power Scale EPS - 7299 Weighing Scales
  • Spring Balance
    • Spring Balance Weighing Scales
  • Electronic Weighing Scale
    • Table Top Scale